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Demasking is a revolutionary way of preventing malware from affecting your ad network and your clients before it has a chance to do any harm or be flagged by customers. Rather than relying on live antivirus scans of ad creatives, Demasking utilizes scans and reviews of the domains themselves as well as the known details about each prospective client or advertiser. By tracking the details of known connections to malware and fraud while leveraging a combination of our own proprietary data and collaborative date from many external sources we are able to identify threats before they would ever identify themselves.


A single malicious ad insertion can quickly yield millions of ad impressions before being detected or neutralized by traditional security measures. Digital advertising deals happen at an amazing pace and the entire fraudster economy is based on capitalizing on that speed in ways that make it hard for even the most ethical publishers or ad networks to respond effectively. The only meaningful way to protect your network is by Demasking threats before they are able to start doing damage. We provide clients with proactive methods and tools to reduce the risk of exposure by identifying nefarious users and helping you to eliminate their attempts to poison your advertising ecosystem in advance.

  • Data has shown that more than 60% of malvertising can be prevented by properly vetting customers and creatives with our solutions.


Current security measures are reactive at best. Most rely on other clients or end users to flag individual ads or instances of offending malware in a system. However, once the malware is found, a signature must then be written to identify the content of the malware and then distributed to thwart the malware. Even when the item is eliminated this slow manual process that can take hours, days or months to resolve does almost nothing to prevent future malware, or to prevent the same fraudster from creating a new account to rinse and repeat the process. Until now, fighting malware has always been much harder and more expensive than making malware – Demasking aims to change all that!


As an increasing number of advertisers have started utilizing Ad Networks and Offer Networks, the issues of fraud become a massive risk to their operations and the success of each network. Fraud from non-payment, or advertisers simply charging back amounts after traffic has been sent is a serious concern that needs to be addressed as well. The only real way to protect ethical business online is to focus on removing unethical people, rather than only playing whack-a-mole with each unethical action they attempt.

  • Lookup specific advertisers past payment issues with Demasking.
  • Confidentially report aggregated data to Demasking.


Manually fighting fraud when it is being perpetrated by blazing fast-automated tools is like trying to fight off someone wielding a fire hose with a dollar store squirt gun. Demasking provides a flexible API and all the tools needed for our clients to integrate our solutions into their current advertiser registration and 'Sign Up' processes seamlessly. Demasking is API driven to reduce the need to train staff on new systems or alter any current workflow.

  • Demasking Integrates easily into your current workflow.
  • API automation provides connectivity, confidentiality and flexibility.

On-Board New Customers And Monitor Existing Clients With Confidence:

Powerful Community Interaction

Data collected by other networks about recent attacks strengthens the rest of our community and vice versa. Demasking facilitates network cooperation.

Immediate Protection

Detect, block and prevent malware and fraud before it happens.

Professional Support

Our experienced experts in fraud mitigation and malware elimination work directly with you to build the best strategies to safeguard your network.

Low Cost High Value

No expensive hardware or service contracts. We earn you more than we cost!

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